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The Pianist at
George Street Playhouse

"A compelling must see - brilliantly directed and adapted for the stage by Emily Mann with a beautiful original score by Iris Hond. We predict that this show will have a long life in the theatre and will be appreciated by many audiences in the years to come."

- Broadway World

“If you see one play this season, make it ‘The Pianist’. ”

- New Jersey Stage

‘The Pianist’ is an extraordinary theatrical accomplishment with a truly tour de force conclusion. Emily Mann’s adaptation of the acclaimed memoir by Wladyslaw Szpilman is pitch-perfect. Daniel Donskoy in a remarkable US stage debut - ‘a star is born.’

-Joyce Carol Oates

“In its deep humanity, its uncompromising provocativeness, and its constant warmth, ‘The Pianist’ [is] a timeless story. Celebrating the grace of humanity without ignoring the terror of which humanity is capable, [it] reminds us with power and elegance of the individual human toll of international violence.”

- The Star Ledger

"’The Pianist’ is as powerful as anything I’ve seen on any stage in a long time. I couldn’t recommend this show more highly. No play, this year, will have a more important message.”

- NJ Arts

"The production’s true triumph comes when Szpilman sits at a piano and plays a haunting rendition of Chopin’s Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor. Donskoy performs the difficult piece beautifully, and without a word spoken, we finally understand what’s been at stake the whole time."

- Theatermania

Daniel Donskoy’s performance as Wladek Szpilman is extraordinary. Also outstanding among the cast in multiple roles are Robert David Grant, Jordan Lage, and Tina Benko.”

-Out In Jersey

"Daniel Donskoy is superb in ‘The Pianist’ - An auspicious, impressive stage debut - dazzling!"

- Delco Times

“A terrific cast has been assembled for this production, including Daniel Donskoy, who makes his American stage debut as Szpilman, bringing both passion and intelligence to the role. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.”

- The Front Row Center

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